h Music - Ashlyns Festival


We are thrilled to have a brilliant and diverse line-up of live music across two stages to suit all tastes.


12:00 – 12.45 – Ashlyns Touring Orchestra & Singers
13:00 – 13:45 – Tinlin
14:00 – 14:45 – Soul Lotta Love
1500 – 15:45 – In the Forest
16:00 – 16:45 – Bathtub Gin
17:00 – 17:45 Subside
18:00 – 18:45 Vegas Girls
19:00 – 19:45 The Mighty Geeks
20:00 – 20:45 Badd Dads
21:00 – 21:45 Elvyne Howlers
22:00 – 22:45 Bengal Lancers


12-2 Swan Youth Project featuring Raf, and, The Corduroys
2-5 OPEN MIC SESSIONS for student performers
5-6 Lizzy Hardingham
6-7 In Plain Sight
7-8 Halvar
8-9 DJ Luke
9-11 Resident DJ Granto

Bengal Lancers
Since their humble beginnings at Leicester, Bengal Lancers have aimed to write music that has honesty at its heart. Now bigger in both size and aspirations, they still look to write music to make you feel that you’re not alone. It’s this honesty shines through at their live shows – singalongs where the audience is as much a member of the band as anyone else. Over the past 6 months they’ve released a series of singles tackling different issues, but always with a sense of optimism.

Bathtub Ginn
Bathtub Ginn play an infectious brew of bluegrass and country blues. Fuelled by fast-paced fiddle and banjo their repertoire radiates good vibes and energy, mixing classic Americana with their own self-penned songs. Every gig is a magical journey held together by crisp harmonies, slick instrumentals and quirky on-stage banter. Be prepared for the Ginn treatment. Sometimes the effects last just a few hours – sometimes they’re permanent.

Brothers Alex and Rolf Tinlin are a songwriting partnership whose emphasis lies firmly in the production of original and honest, yet well-crafted music. With an eclectic mix of both classical and contemporary musical influences, Tinlin incorporate a unique instrumentation of acoustic guitars, mandolin and percussion, intertwined with bold vocal harmonies.

Band in the Forest
In the Forest are a 4-piece acoustic, indie-folk band featuring family dynamics and four-part harmonies with vocals that blend naturally and instinctively. Their songs are mellow and take you on a journey through the elements; from embracing moments of inner fire to running away and walking free in the rain. Their collective song-writing approach gives you songs that have roots in folk, indie, pop and reggae and with many years of playing all over the UK, In the forest will enchant you with their multiple instruments and intricate vocal arrangements.

Elvyne Howlers
An acoustic trio made up of band members Marc Welbourn, Ben Champniss and Steven Birkett, who play a mix of originals and twists on standards spanning the last five decades; Rock, Blues, Ska, Indie, Bluegrass.

Subside are an alternative rock band formed in January 2018, consisting of members from Hyde and Defeat statistics, creating more heartfelt and angst-fuelled songs than their other bands.

Lizzy Hardingham 
Lizzy is a young folk musician, playing a mixture of traditional and contemporary material. Lizzy has won the Herts, Watford and Milkmaid Folk Song Competitions and the Royston Folk Club Young Artist Competition: bringing significance to stories old and new. This mixed with her “exceptional voice” and “accomplished guitar playing” make her “a rising star on the folk scene, not to be missed.

The Mighty Geeks
There is no set of rules that make up a rock band.  However, an understanding of music is important; a good knowledge of technology helps; a strong sense of chemistry is essential; and an element of politics gives an edge to the sound. Fortunately the members of the MIghty Geeks teach these subjects at Ashlyns School!

Resident DJ
DJ Granto the most recent alias from a once respected club, festival and forest DJ. With roots in the techno and trance scene mainly in Brighton and up and down the South East from 20 years ago at least he can now be found playing much friendlier and accessible music, especially disco! Look forward to classic and contemporary house and minimal with maybe a little techno thrown in for good measure.

Ashlyns Touring Orchestra

Soul Lotta Love
Formed sometime in 2017 by Richards, Hunt, Granto and The Crusher, MoFunkaz, aka Soul Lotta Love, are a Berko collective with a somewhat eclectic taste. As the name suggests they play pretty much anything that has some same soul to it but tend to thrive mainly on freshly squeezed funk. Pleased to present a brand new frontline for Ashlyns Festival including The WonderSanch, LaurenXy, TrumPete, Lit Matt and special guests, the collective will be sure to bring a mix of old and new with their certified stamp of approval, make sure you have yo’ sunglasses on.

In Plain Sight
Formed just 5 months ago and drawn together by their love of classic rock riffs, In Plain Sight are ready to launch their music to the next level. Rivers (singer), Henry, Ben, Archie (guitar/bass) and Jack (drums) are ready to take on Ashlyns Festival as the spring board into the music scene.

Vegas Girls
Coming together at the beginning of 2012, Vegas Girls wanted to bring timeless guilty pleasures and old skool classics to the people in a raw acoustic vocal driven trio. With the vocals sitting nice and high in the mix. The vocal engine of the band have done live and studio sessions with Moby, Faithless, The Brand New Heavies and Groove Armada. Through other bands they have supported Nina Cherry, Alabama 3 and The Fun Loving Criminals. 
There ain't no party like a Vegas Girls party.

Jah Nation – Vocals  
Rachael Brown – Vocals 
Valentino Vegas – Guitar/ some awkward vocals


4 lads who want to shake the world! Winners of Beacon Festival – Battle of the Bands 2018

Badd Dads
Chesham’s finest purveyors of Post Punk New Wave, or just four middle aged men who should know better. Either way the Badd Dads come to the Ashlyns festival fresh from appearing at  the Buryfields festival in June. Take yourself back to the classic era of TOTP with songs from The Stranglers, Elvis Costello, The Jam, The Pretenders and more.

Swan Youth Project
Ashlyns Festival proudly supports up and coming musicians from the Swan Youth Project, giving them a platform to entertain our Festival guests and hone their skills! A number of soloists and bands will be on The Other Stage from 12-4. Come and support them.

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