Beer List

This is the list so far… (updated 12th July 2018)

Blood Moon 4.5%
The result of a lunar eclipse as the sun, earth and moon align. Causing the moon to appear red in the sky hence ‘Blood moon’. Everything aligns perfectly in this American Red Ale with caramel and biscuit malt flavours complimenting the citrus and resinous flavours of classic American hops.

Wolf 3.8%
Wolf is a straw coloured pale ale that showcases one of the most exciting and recent Slovenian hops on the market, Styrian Wolf. Expect intense flavours of citrus and berries and a smooth bitterness.

Chiltern Gold 3.9%
Limited Edition Summer Beer – Bright gold, crisp and refreshing, citrusy. This light golden honeyed ale dances across the tongue with summer flavours. Biscuity malt notes and hopped with the rare UK grown Cascade producing a beautiful citrus & grapefruit aroma.

Beechwood 4.3%
Mid amber colour with a rich butter-toffee aroma. Fruity and slightly nutty. Premium quality pale ale malt, with an extra proportion of crystal malt, and increased hops, gives this beer its renowned ‘nutty’ flavour and punch.

Chiltern Black 3.9%
Award winning, dark, complex porter for year round drinking. Dark, treacle tones, hints of roast barley and beautifully hopped with a chocolaty aroma. Flavoursome yet light on strength.

Triple Goat Pale Ale 3.9%
A refreshingly natural pale ale, brewed with malted pale barley, whole flower hops, brewers’ yeast and pure water.

Dark Fox 3.8%
A blend of 4 malts delivering a rich malty brown brew with burnt notes and a lasting dry bitter finish, whilst three varieties of English hops combine to contribute characteristics of cedar, pine and light floral notes.

Restoration Ale 4.6%
A mid-brown beer with similarities in colour and strength to a traditional best bitter but enhanced by the generous use of American Cascade and Perle hops to deliver a refreshingly fruity beer.

Narrow Gauge 3.9%
Brewed with 100% Pale Malt this golden ale delivers a strong citrus finish and long dry bitter aftertaste thanks to the liberal use of the First Gold and Citra hops.

Black Buzzard 5.8%
A crazy marriage of six different malts delivers a wonderful, complex, robust porter with glorioushints of coffee and chocolate.

Resolution 4.2%
Designed for cask, brewed for cask and served cask only. Resolution is late hopped with three American hop varieties for maximum flavour. Light, refreshing and immensely drinkable.

Roadkill 6.5%
An Opaque IPA, BAM! An ABV of 65mph collides with the squishy pulp of unexpecting fruit and leaves super smooth tire-tracks all over your tongue. Roadkill, don’t drink and drive.

London Porter 5.0%
London Porter is a brew of mystery and intrigue. Hidden within its shadowy depths are lurking notes of coffee, chocolate and smoke. Just like its namesake city, there is always more to discover in London Porters unlit complexity.

Mr. Squirrel 4.0%
A premium best bitter for the 21st century with notes of toffee, vanilla, and nuts.

Starry Nights 4.0%
An amber coloured ale that’s delightfully easy to drink. The Southern Hemisphere hop makes this a well-balanced and fruity ale.

Summer Daze 4.0%
A light and fruity summer ale, refreshing on the palette.

Blonde 4.2%
Their latest beer is a cracker. Golden in colour with a wonderful hoppy aroma and a refreshing
smack of fruity citrussy flavours.

Special English Ale 4.8%
A robust and full bodied Premium Ale. Chocolate malt to gives it a deep copper colour and the finest English hops give the ale a hint of berries. Finalist: Champion Beer of Great Britain 2017

Side Pocket for a Toad 3.6%
Unmistakable citrus and floral notes from only the best American Cascade hops balanced with a crisp dry finish make this straw coloured ale a fantastic session beer.

Brock Bitter 3.7%
A light brown quaffing ale graces us with a hint of sweetness and caramel on the palate, with the dynamic duo of Challenger and Styrian Goldings hops imparting complementary flavour, aroma and bitterness.

Fanny Ebbs 3.9%
We’re not sure if Fanny Ebbs was a blonde but we know this beer is. It’s also amazingly crisp with very low bitterness and late citrus hop aroma from a combination of Saaz and Cascade varieties.

Death or Glory 7.2%
Don’t be fooled by the strength, this is one easy drinking beer. A rich, sweet barley wine with a heady, alcoholic nose and incredibly complex flavour profile. Brewed since 1994 by appointment to the Queens Royal Lancers.

VPA 4.2%
Hops from across the Atlantic produce an assertive, dry, hoppy ale with a citrus nose combined with a notable and worthy sweetness.

Red Kite 4.3%
Deep red in colour, reminiscent of its avian namesake, with big malt flavours and a strong hop finish – this beer soars with character.t.

Gravitas 4.8%
A strong, pale ale packed with hop and citrus flavours, rounded off by a dry, biscuit finish. A pronounced hop aroma throughout.

Miss Shelley 4.3%
This golden beer has hoppy, citrus notes and a refreshing crisp finish.

Sir Newton 3.8%
A classic Golden Ale brewed witha calculated blend of Maris Otter and Crystal malts; balanced by whole leaf Challenger, Target, Celeia and Cascade hops.

XT3 4.2%
An American style IPA – packed with Chinook, Columbus and Cascade hops that offer a crisp, clean and refreshing with a lasting hoppy bite.

XT4 3.8%
A mellow and modern session amber ale that combines a delicious blend of English and Belgian malts matched with American and English hops.

Animal Hop Kitty 3.9%
Hop Kitty is bursting with intense tropical and citrus flavours, big Mango and Lychee zest courtesy of a generous Citra round of dry hopping. Lighty toasted malts give a hint of sweetness.

Animal Manta Ray 4.6%
Pilsner Malts from Germany, triple hopped with American greens – giving an ale twist on a lager recipe. Crisp dry and refreshing. Sold as a Pale, drinks more like a Blonde.

Beer from out of area. (The guests.)

Endless Summer (Oakham) 3.4%
Light, refreshing, summer beer. Fruity aroma and flavour – finishing with a big kick of grapefruit bitterness.

Hawaiian Shirt (Ashover) 3.7%
Pale Summer ale with a balanced fruity finish.

Bluebird (Lenton Lane) 3.8%
Pale, refreshing & hoppy. Late & dry hopped for extra flavour & aroma.

Hillfoot Best Bitter (Blue Bee) 4.0%
Dark copper best bitter with roasted and caramel malt notes and a grassy hop finish.

Sertified Simcoe (Tiny Rebel) 4.0%
Single hopped with Simcoe to give exotic fruitiness, the addition of wheat to the grain bill gives body. The aroma is described as tropical fruit on your muesli!

Best (Downlands) 4.1%
A caramel and toffee nose leads into a rich fruity russet brown bitter.

Golden Axe (Kelham Island) 4.2%
A full bodied golden ale, slight sweetness is balanced with bitterness from Columbus hops. Aroma of tropical fruits comes from the late addition of NZ and US hops.

Horizon (Wadworth) 4.0%
Ideal for summer. Light in colour but full in flavour. Its offers zesty, citrus and hop aromas and a crisp, tangy finish on the palate.

Sirius Dog Star (Wolf Brewery) 4.4%
A deep chestnut red ale with an aroma of bitter chocolate and sour cherry. Red berry flavours finish with fruity and roasted chocolate malt notes.

Cobnut (Kent) 4.1%
Generously hopped, dark and nutty, with no nuts involved!

Jaipur (Thornbridge) 5.9%
Extra pale India Pale Ale with moderate bitterness and packed with tons of exotic, fruity flavours and aromas.

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